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Avail Partners is a technology consulting agency that provides market intelligence, solutions design, and IT/revenue analysis. Avail Partners protects against disruptive vendor sales tactics by providing client anonymity. Avail’s methodology creates time savings,  increases confidence in due diligence,  provides cost containment, and increased revenue potential for clients.
Scott has many years of experience advising clients on IT infrastructure and architecture to increase competition and improve process efficiencies. As a meticulous technical expert, he is particularly devoted to mentoring both clients and peers through complex installations.
Avail Partners offers brokerage services for datacenter and cloud hosting, consulting for application hosting, brokerage services for colocation and networking, and reducing cost and risk in vendor contracting.

About Scott


Scott MauriceScott Maurice is a Founder and Managing Partner of Avail Partners, a technology consulting agency that empowers business leaders to leverage cloud economics in creative and innovative ways. With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Scott deeply understands how technology can positively revolutionize revenue streams. As a resolutely principled leader, he insists on offering solutions over disruptive sales tactics, which for too long have been the industry standard. Scott Maurice and his team at Avail provide more than just a sales pitch to clients – they provide real clarity.

Scott and co-Founder Dan Marsh built Avail’s consulting practice methodology atop these core values of transparency and dignity. First, the agency closely analyzes the business. Then, it offers specialized insight into how to adopt or adapt technology to dominate the market. Avail expertly designs their solutions with a unique, customer-first emphasis, brokering technology services and products as needed to best fuel client success. This methodology increases revenue potential, contains costs, saves time, and inspires confidence in due diligence. Avail provides the data clients need to make fully informed decisions, and Scott is proud to do honest work that enables good companies to become great.

This leadership style, as an aboveboard straight-shooter, is intrinsic to Scott’s character. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Scott studied math at Cornell University and began his career in finance. It was, however, culturally dissonant from how he aspired to live, and Scott soon left to enter the field of technology. In the early days of the internet, he cut his teeth as a network engineer. Before long, Scott relocated to the Pacific Northwest and established himself as a world-class IT professional.

In 2005, his reputation and expertise afforded him the opportunity to extricate himself from the typical corporate environment and work as a consultant. Eventually, a firm brought him onto the vendor side as a solutions consultant. Educating clients about how to move to the cloud with the proper products was immensely rewarding and, although his technical background as a network engineer was helpful, Scott truly excelled at connecting with customers and understanding their needs. However, the role demanded a willingness to put the sale first. Scott resolved to found a company which could finally afford him the freedom to do what is best for the client. He partnered with another like-minded entrepreneur and, in 2012, Avail Partners was born.

Today, Avail services companies at the precipice of transformational growth who are ready to maximize their effectiveness. These firms recognize the need to address technology-driven revenue issues but lack the capacity to identify the best next steps. Scott embraces the opportunity to guide visionary C-suite executives, listen to their needs and goals, and empower them to confidently take control of their own business more effectively.

When not at work, Scott Maurice is a happy husband and proud father of three who enjoys spending time with his family outdoors in beautiful Idaho. Learn more about Scott outside of the office here.

Scott and Avail Partners provide top tier consulting services under a brokerage model, at no cost to clients.

Solutions Design
Scott has defined Avail’s success by its proficiency to offer Solution Design services with the particular consideration given to adding value from the provider. The Avail Solutions Design practice requires the honest expertise of highest quality of engineers who will proudly sit shoulder-to-shoulder with clients as technical advocates for what will serve them best.
Technology Roadmap
Scott Maurice’s expertise provides clients with a 360 degree view of IT Services and the team at Avail Partners can provide a technology roadmap catered specifically to each unique situation. This expert guidance can align technology services to best boost your revenue model.
IT/Revenue Analysis
Avail Partners will analyze the cost efficiency of the existing services to provide a value baseline. Utilizing Scott Maurice’s expertly designed Market Intelligence Assessment methodology, Avail benchmarks the market costs for the services in context of the existing environment and any new client workloads. This allows Avail Partners to ascertain exactly where they can drive costs down and where they can increase the value to the client. Further, aligning IT service costs to the client revenue model provides a more salient context in which to make solutions design decisions.
Cloud Rationalization
Scott Maurice and his team excel at helping clients determine which workloads are ready for cloud means understanding the business impact of those workloads and applications. Revenue, cost, performance, security, compliance – these are the factors the company evaluates to help Avail’s clients best leverage cloud economics.
Data Migration
Scott Maurice  can provide a game plan for physical and virtual migration of data from one location to another.  Application interdependency, security and testing are among the considerations Avail Partners will take into account.
Proposal Management
Sourcing, receiving or responding to an RFP can be an exorbitantly time consuming process. Often, the sheer volume of information is unmanageable, and the requirements stated in the RFP are inaccurate and not optimized for the business’ needs. Avail Partners eliminates these shortcomings under Scott’s leadership by managing a proposal process designed to produce creative, optimized, accurate solutions at market competitive prices, in a short period of time and with significantly less client effort.  Traditional RFP’s simply do not generate the best results, and Avail provides an improved experience through their Market Intelligence Assessment.

Scott Maurice

Scott’s team consists of a passionate, experienced, and committed thought leaders equipped to provide an unparalleled service.

Dan is an IT industry veteran with over two decades of experience leading client to innovative solutions. He has offered sales and marketing guidance to a variety tech companies. Dan Marsh

Managing Partner, Avail Partners

Julian is an exceptional critical thinker with an extensive background in social media who has managed campaigns for a number of large organizations. Julian Genette

Partner, Avail Partners

Bryce Lopez leads Business Development from our Denver location, bringing the Avail values and methodologies to new clients and partners as we expand eastward. Bryce Lopez

Business Development, Avail Partners

Denver Office

1062 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204, USA

Denver Office

1062 Delaware St, Denver, CO 80204, USA

Seattle Office

600 Stewart St #1510, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

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