Is the Cloud the Safest Solution for Security?

Ever since the ransomware attack of WannaCry attacked more than 230,000 across the world, the healthcare industry’s concern over cybersecurity has risen. Although there were no patients harmed in the attack and no data compromised or stolen, there became a serious need for healthcare organizations to strengthen their security. One of the most considered options is to migrate the information to the cloud so it won’t get into the wrong hands again.

Security of the Cloud
Could moving information to the cloud be more secure? It is almost impossible to recover data has been encrypted by a ransomware which makes preventing it from being stolen in the first place so important. Keeping secure data on the cloud would be the best way to keep it backed up instead of on-premises. In the perfect situation, there would be enough warning to isolate a ransomware infection and recover important data. Until then, backing up data on the cloud is an ideal solution.

DRaaS as Prevention
After the attack of WannaCry, the public’s biggest concern was the amount of damage caused by the downtime. A simple backup can restore a production database, but a DRaaS solution will be much faster. This is simply because DR is a system of replication that combines software and the cloud. This system is designed to lower downtime in a data breach and get organizations back on their feet and running in no time. By providing third-party support and geographic diversity, DRaaS gives healthcare organizations better security than secondary sites.

Healthcare Industries’ Opinion
Due to the threats of cybersecurity and hackers attacking healthcare organizations, the industry knows something must be done. The organizations have recognized that using the cloud to strengthen security is the best option. The cloud can be used to manage threats, isolate incidents and backup important data. Most recently, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jeremy Hunt, was the first to sign off on an official guide to help the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) move to the cloud.

Although moving the cloud is favored by most, there are a few concerned about compliance. Many IT Departments in healthcare do not have the correct roles or expertise to implement the cloud into their security. But there are organizations to help those in the health industry to help utilize the cloud in their security. It’s imperative that the health organizations use the cloud technology to beef up their security and take strong measures against cybercriminals.